Intercultural Innovation = Impact


"The more your network includes people from different cultural backgrounds, the more you will be creatively stimulated 

by different ideas and perspectives."

Roy Y. J. Chua

We are delighted to announce today that LaunchVic has funded Cultov8 for the next two years to:

for 300 

18-30 year old first generation Australians



across Victoria,


over 2 years

hold 10 weekend hackathons

4 x 12 week 



We harness Australia's cultural, language and faith diversity to power the creation of innovative solutions to important social issues. We do this by incubating solutions which are created at hackathons.

What we do

Why we do it

Cultov8 is a hybrid of hackathon, online and face to face enterprise development.

We use weekly online discussion webinars, match mentors and hold full day sessions including pitching for teams to come together to focus on working on their start up.

How it works

  Hackathons are awesome! People form teams, come up with great ideas in 48 hours and work them into solutions. The problem is though that there's often no after-hackathon support so ideas fall over. That's where we come in. 

We nurture ideas for 10 weeks and then help teams to find ongoing support such as formalised incubators, accelerators or even venture capital if the team and idea are ready for investment.

The name Cultovate is an abbreviation of two words: intercultural innovation. The term represents the fostering of growth that occurs in new businesses and the innovation that comes from diverse thinking and decision making.  

Cultov8 is an pre-acceleration process created as a landing place for teams and solutions which are in the very early stages of ideation.

For more info about interculturalism and how important it is for our future, see the awesome work the Council of Europe is doing via its Intercultural Cities Programme.

What does 

intercultural mean?

What's a hackathon?

What's a pre-accelerator?

There are hundreds of studies and thousands of reports which demonstrate that bringing cultural diversity to the table is critical to creating innovative solutions to problems. 

We actively support the formation of teams with members from different language, cultural and faith backgrounds to see a problem from multiple perspectives - the more diverse the team, the more perspectives there are to contribute to a better solution.

It's where people with technology backgrounds work in a room together to design solutions (hacks) for a certain issue. In the case of Cultov8's incubation process this time, the issue is how technology may facilitate smoother settlement for people arriving in Australia as refugees or asylum seekers.

The most important element of any social issues hackathon is that people with lived experience of the issue CO-DESIGN solutions to the problems they have experienced.

"Interculturalism is about explicitly recognising the value of diversity while doing everything possible to increase interaction, mixing and hybridisation between cultural communities."

Why is intercultural innovation important?

A pre-accelerator program helps new teams originating from hackathons to consolidate and progress its idea/product or service to become attractive to further formal incubation, acceleration or investment.

The Cultov8 pre-accelerator achieves the goal of creating viable businesses by providing mentors, access to business networks, resources, knowledge and tools.

This is Me

How do we help refugees to own their own data?


Facilitating social networks to reduce social isolation.


A one-stop information hub to assist refugees to access services regardless of their language.

Interpreter Central

A marketplace for interpreters, translators, refugees and booking organisations.

Cultov8 ran its first pre-accelerator program in 2016 after the Melbourne Techfugees hackathon. These teams participated:

Tell Me Now

An app-based picture dictionary enabling refugees to communicate regardless of their literacy level or language.

2016 Techfugees Cultov8 incubatees with Philip Dalidakis (second row, left), Victorian Government Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade.

If you're holding a social issues hackathon and think your teams may need a little more support before they look for formal incubation, acceleration or investment, give us a call!

Get in touch - Lynda Ford 61 414 440 483 or